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Nursery, Pre-school, School, Montessori School, Day care, Hersham, Surrey, Walton, Weybridge, Fairmile,
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Ofsted inspection – 13 September 2017

“The staff provide a very caring and nurturing environment that helps to promote children’s emotional well-being. Children settle quickly and build good bonds with staff.”

“The progress of all children is held to the highest regard. For example, a recently introduced sensory room helps to support younger children during the settling-in period and also those who have special educational needs.”

“Staff regularly share good-quality information with parents and they are invited to arrange meetings at their convenience.”

“The leadership team has very high expectations for children who attend the setting.”

“The staff are effective role models who use good behaviour management to help children to understand about how to manage their own feelings and play well with others.”

“Children display lots of patience and cooperation in sharing and taking turns.”

For more information relating to this inspection, please click here to visit the Ofsted website.

Ofsted inspection – 15 January 2013

“Children are happy and confident as they play in a busy purposeful environment where they learn at their own pace”

“Staff provide a stimulating well organised child friendly environment where children make good progress in their learning. The key person system works well as staff observe and monitor children effectively and plan well for their progress.”

“Children’s communication skills develop well as they confidently talk individually to staff. Staff use good questioning techniques to encourage and extend children’s thinking.”

“Partnerships with parents are positive. Staff welcome parents, share information and keep them well informed of their child’s progress.”

“Staff are well qualified and enthusiastic to update their knowledge and skills. They work together and continually monitor and evaluate the preschool to improve their practices and opportunities for children’s learning.”

“It is not yet outstanding because although staff use some greeting words in other languages, including those of children attending the setting, children do not see a range of print and words in other languages.”

For more information relating to this inspection, please click here to visit the Ofsted website.